Anonymous asked: Personal blog link?

Anonymous asked: Favourite Tim Burton movie?

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Anonymous asked: Wait coraline is a burton movie though

no, it’s not. Tim didn’t have anything to do with the making of Coraline. It’s directed by Henry Selick and produced by Claire Jennings. 

it states that the movie comes from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is Henry Selick and not Tim. That’s why most people think it’s a Burton movie.

feel free to check Wikipedia, IMDb etc. No where does it say that Tim had any involvement with Coraline.

Anonymous asked: soo coraline isnt a burton movie?

nope, it’s not.

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countesskitsch asked: Will you do the part where Jack's experimenting in TNBC, and he says, "Interesting reaction. But what does it mean?"

I think I might have already done that. Have a look through here. :)

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Anonymous asked: Haha ok XD well then uhm... Is there one gifset that made you kinda sad while making it? Or one that made you happy/giggle? =D

making gifs of the end of Big Fish makes me sad.

and this one made me giggle.

Anonymous asked: Which gifset do you prefer the most?

I have no idea, there’s way too many to choose from haha.

awkardly-creative asked: do you have a gifset of Day- Oh in Beetlejuice?

here you go!