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shiningsparrow said: Are you going to do the pantsuit one or the dress? I was a female Beetlejuice last year (dress) and it’s been my favorite costume to date. I loved it.

I’ll be wearing his striped pantsuit but it’ll be more fitted and I’ll be wearing stiletto boots. :)

Anonymous asked: have you ever been a burton character for halloween?

yes, I was Sally 2 years ago and I’m being a female Beetlejuice this year!

keylimechic asked: Do you have anything showing the 'fuderwakin' (sp?) Dance that Depp's character does in Alice In Wonderland?

I’ll probably re-make this gifset soon.

Anonymous asked: If we have already asked for a gif and you never responded, does it mean you don't want to do that particular gif? I don't want to keep asking if it is bugging you.

if I don’t post the gif you have requested that just means that it’s already been posted before. I never reply to gif requests since I don’t want to fill peoples dashes with a bunch of “it’ll be posted soon!” “sure, I’ll post it asap” etc etc. Sometimes if the gif has been posted before then I’ll give that person a link to it, but I don’t do that all the time.

I always post the gifs that I get requests for, it may take a little while sometimes since I do get quite a few but it will eventually get done, just keep checking back. Also Tumblr sometimes eats up messages so your requests could have gotten eaten, so you can just check what you’re after hasn’t been posted already and then send me another message, it doesn’t bug me! :)

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Anonymous asked: can you post your personal blog please i use to follow it but i deleted my old blog

here you go.

I have finally given the blog it’s yearly Halloween make over!

better late than never.