Anonymous asked: Wouldn't it be the coolest shit if Tim did a movie based off the Candyland board game???

I’m not familiar with that game, so I’m not sure!

Anonymous asked: what do you think of the big eyes trailer?

I love it. It seems to have that Burton vibe to it but it feels grown up, ya know? It’s hard to describe haha. I think this might be a “re-birth” movie for Tim.

Anonymous asked: would you ever be in a burton movie if asked?

as an extra or voice, absolutely. As an actual main character (no animation), probably not. 

send in any questions and/or requests now!

acciodwarvesandloki asked: Totally super-creeped on your blog for about half an hour. It's great - you rock!

thank you! :D

kerin8483 asked: What do u know about the new Alice in Wonderland that's coming out? It can't be from 'Through the Looking Glass" because they already incorporated the Jabberwocky, JubbJubb bird, Bandersnach, and the white queen (who don't get introduced until TTLG) in the first movie.

all I know is that apparently it is called Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, all of the original cast is back including new characters and Tim seems to be one of four producers. Of course any of this could change.

the first one didn’t follow the Alice in Wonderland book at all so it can have ‘Through the Looking Glass’ as a title since this one is obviously not going to follow the book either. I’m guessing that the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ part will just come from her probably re-visiting Wonderland by going through the looking glass and it will only vaguely follow the original story, like the first movie.

send in any questions and/or requests now!

Anonymous asked: what stories would you like to see tim do?

I’ve always wanted him to do more fairy tales. I was really excited when he was attached to Maleficent, but yeah, he didn’t end up doing it.

@xtoxicbeautyx said: Don’t forget the new “Beetlejuice” movie!

I don’t think Tim is officially attached to the Beetlejuice sequel.

cara-deluna asked: Can you name ALL of his movies? Jc

there’s a list here. :)

cara-deluna asked: Are there any upcoming tim burton movies?

yup, Big Eyes is coming out later this year (early next year for some places).

I believe he is producing the Alice in Wonderland sequel, which is set to be released in 2016. He’s also directing Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children which is set for 2016.

Anonymous asked: What first drew you to Tim Burton Movies

well I was a kid when I first watched a Burton movie, it was TNBC. The characters fascinated me and after that my mum started getting me more and more of his movies. There was just something about the style that I loved so much since I hadn’t seen anything like it before.